We are easily reachable by car, despite the roadworks in Antwerp !

Restaurant Trópicos is easily accesable :
If you come from the ring-road around the city take the exit "Borgerhout" , then follow the road towards the center of town , go straight under the railroadtracks and keep following the Plantin en Moretuslei. always keep going straight passing the park until you finally get to the Frankrijklei , the big boulevard , there at the trafficlights you go right and at the next lights take it left. Then you follow the road bearing right first at the Vogelmarket and then bearing left in front of the Ibis-hotel. Keep following that road until the end , there you have to turn right , follow another 300 meters and there is Restaurant Trópicos on the corner on the righthand side !

I drive it every day without a problem.

...the one and only Mexican-Brazilian restaurant in the world.

When you enter the door you step into Latin Bohemia. Warm colours all around and on the walls beautiful pictures and decorations of Mexico and Brazil. Trópicos is famous for tasty cocktails and food, nice music and a relaxed atmosphere.

A perfect place to get out of the day-to-day routine and make a culinary trip to Latin-America !
Of course we serve the traditional and well-known Mexican and Brazilian dishes like our famous Fajitas, South-American steaks and Picanha, but we also have surprising seafood and vegetarian dishes and off-menu weekend specials that change every other month.

Come taste the food and drinks. There's only one Trópicos !



  • Freshley homemade                 
  • Guacamole, Tacos, Enchiladas, Buritos
  • Fajitas Filet aperitivo
  • Filet Ranchero, Quatemoc
  • Athum Grelhado
  • Filet Chipotle
  • Torta de chocolate


  • Pasteis, Bollinhos de bacalhau    
  • Picanha       
  • Dourado com palmito    
  • Feijoada completa      
  • Filet de Madrugada     
  • Costeleta de porco
  • Mango Mañana

Take Away & Catering

- call for ordering -or look at Activities for more  information -

Celebrate with a Group ?

take a look at some of our set price menus
-or call to discuss a tailor made one -

Menu 1
€ 24/pp

Tostaditas simples
Galinha Mexicana
& Chili con carne
Dame Blanche
1 glas wine (red or white) 

Menu 2
€ 35/pp

Cocktail maison
Nachos Simples
& Costeleta de porco
Bobo de galinha
& Chili con carne
Dame Blanche
-or- Torta de nueces
¼ liter wine (red or white)

Menu 3

Cocktail maison
Nachos Trópicos
& Quesada espinafre
& Costeleta de porco
Galinha Mexicana
& Mole poblano
& Feijoada completa
Dame Blanche
-or- Torta de nueces
½ liter wine (red or white)
Coffee -or Tea

Menu 4
€ 55/pp

Margarita -or-  Pina Colada
Nachos Todos
& Quesada Espinafre
& Costeleta de Porco
& Frango Passarinho
& Bolinhos de Bacalhau
Churrasco mixto
-or- Athum grelhado
-or- Galinha Mexicana
Tucan ice
-or- Torta de nueces
-or- Banana frita
½ liter wine (red or white)
Coffee -or Tea


weather permitting you can order and eat outside on the terrace of Café de Kroon across the street.

 We have a year-round cateringservice for gardenparties, businessdinners and private groups at any other location. We arrange a Brazilian Churrasco(BBQ) in your garden, a Mexican Buffet at your home and we can also serve a "custom-made" menu of your choice from our menu.
 30+ years of experience, some highlights :
 * In Mumbay, India for a series of weddingparties serving Mexican food for four days in a row for 5.000 persons a day.
 * A bucket of Guacamole for Ringo Starr after a show on the beach in Knokke.
 * In the Amsterdam Vondelpark serving tacos from a Dutch "bakfiets" during Jazz in the park-Festival. 
 * 15.000 enchiladas, burritos and tacos on a weddingparty in the Nekkerhal in Mechelen.

 We can also arrange Brazilian or Mexican live music.
 It is always possible to take away food ordering in advance by phone (03/231.99.64), we are also linked to Royal Delivery (03/369.10.10) who specialize in bringing food from restaurants directly to your home.
 We organize a cocktail-, samba- and salsa- workshops by appointment.
Trópicos has a beautiful topfloor complete with a cocktailbar and an independent soundsystem, Perfect for private dinner-parties and businessdinners. Available for up to 90 pax. every day of the week (only by appointment, please call ahead in time).
Check our Trópicos Facebook Page for the Extra Activities, like "First Friday Churrasco" in the summertime, a street BBQ in front of our Restaurant with live music, special cocktail happyhour and snacks from the grill when the wheater is good enough ! 


The idea to create a Mexican-Brazilian restaurant emerged on the beach of Ipanema enjoying the favourite Rio de Janeiro-pastime one afternoon in the summer of 1986. 

Since 1981 we had a great Mexican-food restaurant, called Café Pacifico, in Botafogo a “barrio” in the Zona Sul of Rio and by that time we had made plans to set up another restaurant in Europe. 

The thought of blending the two very different but still both very Latin and exotic cuisines of Mexico and Brazil together came naturally while brainstorming about our future restaurant.

And then the name popped up the same spontaneous way :

“What's the “Brazilian” word for tropic ?” : “Trópico” ! 

“And what's the word in Mexico for tropic ? ” : “Trópico too ! ” 

So there it was : Trópicos !

The tropics, imaginary borderlines of temperatures and tempraments that run through Mexico and Brazil, countries where exotic tropical tastes blend together. 

That hád to be the name for the new restaurant and we designed the logo in the Ipanema sand there and then. 

6 months later we found a perfect location in the heart of Antwerp, Belgium's biggest harbourtown and Mexican-Brazilian Restaurant Trópicos opened it's doors some 30 years ago on April 16th 1987! 

The rest is history....


Email: office@casadolado.be
Phone: +32 3 231 99 64
Mobile: +32 475 64 83 91


Monday until Friday
12.00 until 14.00 hrs


Monday until Thursday
18.00 until 23.00 hrs.
Friday from 18.00 until 23.30 hrs.
Saturday's from 17.30 until 23.30 hrs
Sunday's from 17.30 until 23.00